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The lands of Hadun were entirely devoid of arcane magic until that monumentous day when Drobern tricked Maltheus, into telling him the secret of the arcane. Since that day, the world has never been the same.


These things are definitely in the world

  • Magic Disrupts Technology (e.g. blackpowder malfunctions in the presence of strong magical auras)
  • Twins are important to ritual magic
  • Interbreeding between the races is common (including half-dwarves / elf-orc hybrids)
  • Were-creatures
  • Dvine Magic always existed and has been accessible to humanity.

These things are not in the world

  • The (non-material) planes are uninhabitable to people of the material plane
  • The planes are difficult to travel to
  • No ubiquitous language or currency
  • The gods are not omnipotent or omniscient
  • No absolute alignments

A Brief History of Hadun

  • Dobern steals magic from the gods
  • The Rise of the Empire of Elagren
  • The Longest Night: A period of indeterminite length (several years+) of eternal night
    • Large and monstrous aberrant natural creatures, the Eshkah, emerge from the dark forests and threaten the cities of the borderlands.
    • The Drow conquer vast territories
    • The Kingdom of Goron holds against the Drowish armies at Corthen’s Hold
      • The Drow siege Corthen’s Hold for many months. The Goron’s supplies run thin. Running out of options, The King of Goron challenges the Drow Queen to a duel. The duel is not-honorable. The King commits suicide with a magical vest, destroying both himself and the Queen of the Drow. Neither can be resurrected. The Drow’s Morale is broken and they stop their siege on Corthen’s Hold.
    • Followin his death, the Kingdom of Goron is split between his two heirs: Elanor and Arthur Saalfield.
    • Elanor and Arthur go to war over a trivial matter.
      *The War on the Gods
    • The Necromancers join the war against the gods
    • The gods unleash massive storms, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.
    • Structurally weakened by the forces of the gods, the Eshkah break into the great City of Aland
    • The summoned forces of the gods are pushed back by the Eshkah before they can reach Corthen’s Hold
    • The forces of the gods are further decimated by the Eshkah while the forces of “humanity” manages to hold them off.
  • The major magical factions form The Council
    • The gods agree to take seats on the council as equals.

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